You can tailor the emails you receive in a few ways:

1)  When setting up email alerts in the Change Device Settings page, you can freely select which events cause emails to be sent. Perhaps you are only interested in the measured alarm levels and      can un-tick some other options you don’t need.

2)  When you set-up an alarm level, you can delay the onset of the alarm by a selectable period of time. For example, when monitoring the temperature of a chiller, you might not need to know if          the temperature exceeds the alarm level briefly (when someone opens and closes the door, for instance), but you do need to know if someone leaves the door open. When using dual channel        sensor devices, alarm delay is independently settable for each channel.

3)  Have you set an alarm level that is too low or high? Every time a device goes into or out of alarm, an email is sent. If your device is constantly “chattering” around the alarm level, you will                  receive more emails.

4)  To reduce email traffic further, you can choose to reduce the number of alerts, by periodically summarising them into a single email. You can enable this option, and specify how often the                summary emails are sent, in My Settings.